The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe


Aslan – Brook Feldman
White Witch – Eleanor Burke
Peter – Levi Burroughs
Susan – Adelaide Hardaway
Edmund – Dylanger Losaw
Lucy – AnneMarie Keuer
Mr. Tumnus – Micah McDowell
Mr. Beaver – Gordon Schroeder
Mrs. Beaver – Kaia Schroeder
Fenris Ulf – Alysen Sherburne
Witch’s Dwarf – Ian Burroughs
Unicorn – Annalyn Tomasini
Centaur – Diego Arriaga
Father Christmas – David Boyd
Christmas Elf – Philip Keuer
White Stag/Witch’s Reindeer – Ana Stitzel

Aslan Ensemble
Fox – Micah Keuer
Rabbit – Jubilee Sobera
Snow Owl – Julie Allen
Porcupine – Gregory Keuer
Deer – Naomi Sorbera
Squirrel – Magdalena Keuer

Witch’s Ensemble
Black Crow – Maggie Nuhn
Skunk – Lena Nuhn
Dragon – Ruby Good
Minotaur – Sierra Alvarez
Tree Nymph – Ada Burtch
Rat – Rex Allen
Mermaid – Anne McReavy Hearnsberger

Director – Kirsten Boyd
Kirsten Boyd has spent the past 20 years making music. She is very excited to be kicking off her new position at First Protestant Church as Director of Music & Arts, Producing Artistic Director for the Coll Street Players and Director of the First Protestant Music School. Career highlights include positions as Director of Worship & Arts at Truro Anglican Church, Fairfax, VA, Producing Artistic Director for The City of Fairfax Theatre Company, teaching tiny humans, and music directing for High School theatre programs. In her spare time, she plays piano for her friends in ATX Musical Theatre Collective (@ATXMusicalTheatreCollective) and stays active outside.

Produced through special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois.